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POSTPONED: Alameda City-Wide Yard Sale now Summer 2020 / date TBA

Check back often for information on this HUGE upcoming event!

$15 Tax Deductible Registration Fee

How it works:

  • To be listed on the Alameda city-wide map and online, you must register for the yard sale.
  • There is a $15 PayPal registration fee which will go directly to The Alameda Sun and Girls Inc of the Island City. 
  • Please consider donating more than $15 to help these very worthy causes...It's tax deductible!
  • We do all the marketing for this event: Newspaper announcements, online postings,  maps, flyers, yard sale signs, TV announcements, etc.
  • All you do is put your stuff out in your front yard or driveway by 8:30am, Saturday, April 25th, and wait for the customers to roll in! 
  • Invite your friends and family to bring their stuff, too!
  • Let's make some money, meet the neighbors, donate to worthy causes, and have lots of fun!
  • FYI--Dede Tabor does not benefit financially from this yard sale. 
  • All donations will be distributed to The Alameda Sun and Girls Inc of the Island City.
  • Go to the bottom of this page to read "Tips For Having a Successful Yard Sale"

Alameda City-Wide Yard Sale extravaganza

Your $15 + registration fee will be donated to The Alameda Sun to help off-set advertising cost, and a portion donated to Girls Inc of the Island City.

PLEASE consider donating more!

Insure your name is on the PayPal payment. 

If you choose to pay by credit card, you may do so at PayPal. 

Cash and Checks are OK too. Please drop off at  

the Alameda Sun Office: 

3215 Encinal Ave, Ste J, Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: (510) 263-1470

Completely fill out the registration form below...

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Please fill this registration form out completely!

Dede Tabor--Commercial Realtor--DRE#02071960

BHHS Drysdale Properties, Alameda, CA 94501

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Tips for having a successful yard sale--

Avoid stress, have fun and make serious money by following these tips:

Gather Your Goods

Grab a box and go through every room, closet, attic, basement, and garage. If you don’t want it or haven’t used in one year, toss it in! Shoppers love antiques, quality furniture, CDs, DVDs, video games, bottles of perfume, tools, picture frames, and vintage accessories.

Pro Tip: Put power strips, cell phone chargers, USB cables, old electronics and games in a separate box marked to sell.

Get Supplies

The day before the yard sale, get chairs to sit on and a table or other flat surface to do business. Display breakable items on sturdy card tables and patio furniture. Put non-breakable items on old ironing boards and make a display with a board placed over two milk crates. Hang clothing on a garment rack or on hangers from the garage door.

Pro Tip: Put tables with breakables to the side or against a fence to minimize the chance of getting a table knocked over by unattended kids running around.

Have Ample Change

Wear a tool belt or fanny pack with ample change. Have at least $20 in ones and fives, and $20 in quarters.  

Pro Tip: Don’t leave cash lying around. Ask your bank for reusable cash envelopes to run extra money into the house throughout the day.

Sort Items

Sort items and group similar things together before you price them: clothing, toys, kitchen tools, etc. 

Pro Tip: Divide men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. Most shoppers are looking for specific stuff and will appreciate your organization.

Price Your Items

Price things individually instead of dumping stuff into boxes with one price. For price tags, use a Sharpie to write prices on bits of masking tape.

Don’t let your couch go for $5 to the first customer. Someone else always comes along willing to pay your price. Start haggling in the afternoons to get rid of everything. 

Pro Tip: Your goal is to sell everything, so price items to sell without giving away the farm. If items are priced too high, most shoppers will just walk away without haggling.

Organize and Arrange Your Sale

Assemble everything the night before and put it in the garage. Arrange display tables and put all clothing on hangers. To keep things logical and organized, map out where everything will go.

Pro Tip: If you can’t put everything in the garage overnight, group similar items into laundry baskets and boxes. It’s much easier pulling out boxes of already sorted stuff.

Get Ready

At least one hour before the start time, set everything out, have your change in a safe place, find a comfortable, shaded area to sit, and always wear sunscreen.

Pro Tip: Set up in a spot that’s very visible from the street. A yard sale sign will help customers know where to stop.

Work the Crowd

Customers will ask questions, haggle price, and pick everything up, especially if it’s breakable. Don’t be pushy, stay seated, greet everyone, and let the customers come to you.

Pro Tip: Sit so you can see people walking up and welcome everyone with a friendly “Hello!”

Deal with Leftovers

Take leftovers to a resale store such as Salvation Army or Goodwill for charitable tax deductions. Itemize everything with its original value, and get a receipt at the drop off.

Pro Tip: Craigslist shoppers love big-ticket items such as couches and TVs, so post an ad and make more money than you would with a tax deductible donation!